About me

I was re-reading my page about where the title of the blog comes from and realized it is not clear where my true roots are.. -and the reason for the spelling errors you may find 🙂 sorry about them though.. Will try to correct as soon as I spot them..- So it is not because I’m vain that I added a page to explain a bit more about my self..- (I received the most amusing email from WordPress after “liking” my own post. It said: You’re so vain, you probably think “street children” is about you. It still makes my laugh and I will never ever be able to remove that song from my head now..)

I also apologize for the mishaps I may have while getting my grips on blogging, it is very new to me and I have very little spare time to work on it.. I realized too late that Frida should have been a post and not a page, and also trying to find the best way to write a post in two languages without it becoming long or confusing, that’s why the difference in format, between Frida and Mercedes, I’ll try to get my act together quickly..

Thanks for following, I’ll appreciate any comments!

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4 Responses to About me

  1. Joe Cardillo says:

    The line in that WordPress email made me laugh too =)

    Keep it up! You’ll get there. Tambien, me gusta la escritura sobre Frida

  2. Blogging takes quite a lot of getting used to… the more you write the easier it’ll be to find your own style and be comfortable with what you write… they say the best way to write a good blog is to follow and read many (good) blogs! 😀 x x x

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