Making things better

I have to thank my dear sister for giving my last post, on Rigoberta Menchú, a good read and sending me a long feedback. Reviewing it, after having made the suggested corrections, I had to post an apology and thank you all very much, firstly for following even though the post are sometimes long, and most importantly for being forgiving and continuing the read in spite of the spelling mistakes.. a friend at work asked me why i didn’t just check the spelling with the spell check option.. I thought I did! Maybe spell check gets confused when there is more than one language involved, but mainly It’s just always very late by the time I’m finished translating and probably my brain just goes on strike..

Then he suggested for me to postpone actually posting it, until I had a chance o review it.. hmm.. tricky one, I guess I should,  it’s just I get this urge, once I’m finished.. Am I eager or just plain mediocre? Could also be worsen by the fact of me being a working mum of 2 small boys and the feeling “it’s now or in a month’s time, is constantly in the back of my mind.. Anyway, tank you, and i’ll try to do better 🙂

I am glad that the world hasn’t ended, and look forward to Christmas, and to wave this year goodbye, good by to a year of waiting, gathering strength, gaining momentum, a year that taught me patience, and gave me lots of time to think.. I wish I find time to reflect on my life and be grateful. I’ll feel really lucky if I manage to steel some time to feel the losses in my life and mourn them.

I won’t have turkey cause I’m not there yet, my father was the one that used to de-bone the lucky bird and spend all Christmas eve’s day making it yummy for us.. he’s no longer with us and I don’t fancy turkey yet. I’ll wish my mum was with me in the UK, and would make her lovely Christmas bread from scratch, some with dried fruit some without, cause my sister doesn’t like them. I’ll miss my sister with her awful morning expression, she is the worst morning person I hope ever to encounter, she has the greatest heart though.. I’ll forever miss my childhood Christmases, they’re gone, done, finnito. From now on I’ll get to spend Christmas with my own family, I’m the one  that should be making the bread now.. Don’t feel there yet either!

I look forward to 2013, I will try to make it a year of movement and growth, a year of change.. of projects long thought.. of dreams coming true.. I hope to be brave enough to share them with you.. Even if they don’t involve -other- Latin-American women wearing earrings.

I wish you all a happy Christmas and hope you have people to share it with, even if they are far away, or distant in other ways.. May 2013 bring you blessings and happiness along with the rest.. May our lives take us to exciting places, and our hearts be strong, brave and open to great things..

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9 Responses to Making things better

  1. Joana says:

    🙂 Nice… but Thank You for letting the world know I’m the worst morning person you know! haha

  2. Joana says:

    I tried to press the like button but I have to log to do it.. and don’t know if I have a password.. but I Like it! 😉

  3. vintolindo says:

    Your post made me cry, and think about my christmases, many of them shared wit you. I hope your dreams will come true, just go for them and you will manage! Like :-)!

  4. I’ll miss you and Joa, I hope you have a nice Christmas.. Thank you for starting the process of making one of my (our) dreams come true in Vinto, it’s nice to see how Vinto Lindo progresses.. I’m glad you started a Blog on it, will be following it closely 🙂

  5. I hope you and your lovely family have a wonderful Christmas and 2013!!! And hope to share lots of time with you next year!! x x x

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