Time to spread my wings

All this talk about beautiful courageous Latin-American women has been very inspiring..  At the beginning of the year I was hoping for strength and courage to pursue my own dreams, which are not little.

I want to feel I’m spending my time doing something I care for, that makes me happy and proud. I also want to enjoy the time I have with my boys (they’ll start school in September!!). I don’t want to be dead tired when I get home the three days that I work. I want to work close to home, to walk my children to school at nine and pick them up at three maybe at 5 some days (they have been going to nursery from 7:30 to 6). I want to be happy to have to cook fresh meals and to have the strength and fitness to keep up with all the boys in my house.

Cut to the chase: I need a new job. Not just  job. The least it needs to be is flexible. It has to fit around the school and should be nearby. Also, I would prefer it to be in my profession, or at least very exciting, or well paid. Sadly, in this beautiful city that I live in -by choice, London is my favourite city in the world- none of the above apply. So, before I hand in my overqualified CV at the local Sainsbury’s or Waitrose, or Clark’s, I’m giving one of my dreams a shot. Change was imminent, what better moment to spread my wings and give it a go.

I stopped working where I was and am giving my full dedication to try to set up Natural Charms, a handcrafted jewellery “bussiness” to see if I can make it provide for an income at least similar to the alternatives. In the beginning it felt a bit like free falling but I am hopeful, and excited, and proud of my husband for pushing me out of the plane, I don’t think I could have taken the plunge without his encouragement..

And so my journey as a jewellery maker begins! I started a new blog to document my comings and goings in this new trade I embark.. If you care to join me I’d be most delighted to have you on board! xx

Here’s the link if you want to check it out http://naturalcharms.wordpress.com

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3 Responses to Time to spread my wings

  1. Suerte suerte suerte!!!! 😀 xxx

  2. artclubblog says:

    I wish you all the best. I too made career sacrifices so I could be there for my children, and I have no regrets. Now that they are older, I would like to find more meaningful work than what I am currently doing. Hopefully, for our sanity, we’ll all get there!

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