Let’s make blue a technicolour

Hello 2014, hello world, hello lovely people who read this, hello Latin American Women Wear Earrings.. A new year began and I hope for good and better things for all of us.

Firstly, because you are all so lovely, here, for your enjoyment two original pieces of art by my boys:

Boy in bed dreaming of a monkey and Lego instructions by Mati

Superhero by Nico

I wish i could give this blog more of my time because it really helps me grow and it gives me a strange freedom, even though I’m not good with words. I’m good with feelings and a good observer, very sensitive and very emotional. But i can also be very harsh. 

I have felt very VERY sad and alone in the past, and have felt many kinds of pain, from the silly teenage ones (which make you want to kill yourself) to the deep “i know you have to die and there is nothing i can do about it, i still wish you could stay with me, but i won’t be sad for too long i promise” kind of feeling..

I love living even when it hurts, and i think the reason is because i know that THIS is IT. This life, as this person, in this context, it is never happening again and it is all you have (It doesn’t matter to me much  if there is a heaven; i hope there is, although the idea of hell is just ridiculous to me). I know dying is not the worst that can happen. To be completely alone, to be completely dependent on others that may not care for you or may harm you.. there are things worse than dying. But if you manage to find help, and a kind soul to stretch a hand towards you, you can ALWAYS make it better..

If you are strong enough, you can change things, even if it means running away from home as a child, like many street children have; or leaving all your belongings and your children behind to get stronger and come back to re-claim them, like a lady i met in a village in the Amazon did. Life is not going to be easy and hard times will be waiting for you, but you’ll be living. You’ll experience your loved ones and yourself, and your environment; kisses, hugs, love, smiles, tastes, colours, smells, butterflies. Happy children and children that need your help are everywhere to be found. If you look with your heart you’ll find a good reason to live. The other option can’t compete because it gives you nothing. When you are dead, you are dead. You can always kill yourself, but the alternative might be interesting, amazing even..

Today i found these two videos and they touched and inspired me -hence the post-. The first is a TED talk from Andrew Solomon, it’s very honest and i think very helpful if you have a loved one struggling with depression (don’t we all?). The second is by Charles Einstein and is going to make you believe a better world IS possible.

1) Andrew Solomon: Depression, the secret we share (TED talks)

2) A nice video abut the ideal world that we know deep down IS possible:

You probably realised by now that it is not really about Latin American women wearing earrings, -which they do!-, but about finding things that connect the wonderful people of my beloved continent; i believe these things are the same that connect people all over the world.

So this year i want to blog about good things happening around the world and in Latin America. I’ll try to post more often but i could really use some help with this, so if you have a story or suggestions for me, or would like to write a post as a guest, I’d be delighted to hear about it! 

xx M.

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2 Responses to Let’s make blue a technicolour

  1. vintolindo says:

    I liked your post and your idea of writing about positive things happening in this continent.and elsewhere.
    I did not find the second video!?

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