About me

I was re-reading my page about where the title of the blog comes from and realized it is not clear where my true roots are.. -and the reason for the spelling errors you may find 🙂 sorry about them though.. Will try to correct as soon as I spot them..-

I am Bolivian. Was born and raised there and feel that is my home, though I have never really known what it means to truly belong to one nationality cause my mum is Dutch (my dad was Bolivian). Because of this mix all through my life I have dealt with friends and others in Bolivia calling me “blond” and tall, while in Holland I was always the dark small one.. Now I live in the UK with my husband and to beautiful twin boys and I find it hardest than ever to shortly answer when asked where I come from, let alone who I am, or what I do (do you mean what I get paid to do? or what I do during the week? or what I love doing?)..

This is how I got started on thinking what makes me “me”, is it where I come from, or were my parents come from? Is it where I have been? Is it what I studied, or what I do? Isn’t it also what I want to be (and do) that defines who I am at the present? In any case, I think it has definitely to do with where you have been, the people you have met and the inspiring things you have encountered.. And there is lots of that everywhere luckily!

Could you, if asked, explain who you are in one sentence -not a paragraph-, and give people an idea of who you really are?

Here’s my shot at it: I am a bolivian/dutch environmental engineer that came to the UK searching for adventure and got more than i bargained for (twin baby boys), realised my life was blessed but my career was not, found a flexible job in ATM engineering and started making jewellery as a side thing and who is now juggling motherhood (life) starting up a jewellery business (work) while trying to not let her passions die out (blog)

I’m a Rolling Stone, basically..

Yes! i finally did it: Hi, my name is Mireya and i am a rolling stone 🙂

My sister posted this on Facebook, I think it is true for everyone

you may now me but you have no idea who I am


8 Responses to About me

  1. Hari Qhuang says:

    I totally can relate to your story. I am an Indonesian born Chinese. With my caramel-colored skin, I am too light to be considered as an Indonesian, yet I am too dark to be recognized as a Chinese person. 😀
    So, I started to think of my situation as a blessing, that my life is enriched by both culture, the one from the land I am living in and another one passed down to me by my ancestors.

  2. waji says:

    thanks a lot for following my blog..u got an awesome blog…its great to have you as follower 🙂

  3. timr6 says:

    Thanks for following me, you’ve got a great blog!

  4. chrysaliswithaview says:

    Hola. Muchas gracias por escribas en los dos lenguas. I have just discovered your blog via Sophie’s one at Greentrails… Now I have an easy way to read some Spanish every day. I’m a Frida fan too. Once, when I was a teenager, I drew a self-portrait, and then in my 20s found ‘The Broken Column’ , and it was exactly the same pose, the same angry frown, the same hair, just without the spine showing and a flowing dress instead of the sheet… and then, when I hurt my back a little bit later and when I did I felt comforted to not be alone in that 🙂

  5. petrel41 says:


    I have nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award.

    More about this nomination is at


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