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A while ago I started designing and making handcrafted jewellery. From the beginning, my style has been influenced by my own favourite earrings, a pair of amber and a pair of turquoise earrings that I found in a hidden shop in Asunción when visiting my mum while she worked in Paraguay, a pair of coral earrings that my dad gave me one Christmas, and a pair of silver Nazca monkeys that he bought me one time coming back from Peru.

I have lots of earrings and most of them remind me of a special occasion or a special person. I used to wear them all the time, I don’t do it as much since I live in the UK, mostly because I have small children, but maybe also partially to not  stand out too much -the only people wearing conspicuous earrings here are celebrities or rebel teenagers-.  It’s always when I have South American ladies visiting that I’m reminded of the reason for my great love for earrings: They are a simple way of celebrating one’s beauty on a daily basis. I always notice how lovely my mum looks when she is wearing earrings, they make her face stand out.

A couple of weeks ago I realised I was feeling a bit out of touch with myself and decided to do something about it, one of the things was to wear my pretty earrings more often. The moment I started doing so my self-esteem felt a bit boosted, I like myself in the mirror more. I’m not prettier, what has changed?

Even though most Latin-American girls get their ears pierced practically at birth (not by choice), I think Latin-American women wear earrings as a means of expression. It has to do with womanhood, self-acceptance, self-expression and with social and cultural identity. I think you’ll find that most Latin-American women wear earrings no matter their country, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, social class, income or marital status. And my guess is the prouder the woman, the bolder the earrings..


7 Responses to About the title

  1. Can’t wait for the upcoming posts!!

  2. The Lundians says:

    I love your reflections and your blog! I am the one Latin American woman in our group; an earring wearing Latin American woman living in London too! As you say, the everyday process of choosing my earrings is almost a ritual. They all have a memory and a meaning attached. I even have some earrings that are for the “basic British look” when I don’t want to stand out too much. I look forward to reading about these amazing women, most of them who I already have a long admiration for.

    • How nice that you like the blog :o) it has a lot of space for improvement, but it is something I enjoy, a space to think about who I am and where I come from..
      I love that you have the same thing with your earrings! I too have had to “downgrade” my look, not so much my look as my female presence by wearing smaller, plainer earrings, Actually I found myself doing that a lot to get a more serious treatment as a professional as well, I think that is just plain sad.. Thanks for your lovely comment, made my morning :o)
      I actually started another blog yesterday to document the journey I’m embarking as a natural stones jewellery maker (earring maker haha), very scary and very exciting.. here is the link if you wanna check it out http://naturalcharms.wordpress.com
      It was lovely “meeting” you (blogging you? haha)

  3. verochai says:

    I have never read about the phenomenon of us wearing big earrings. Thank you for articulating it. It is all true! It is an expression of our beauty! My father loves it when I wear big earrings. My favorite line: “the prouder the woman, the bolder the earrings..”

    • what a lovely comment to read on a Sunny morning! Thank you! I love what i read in your blog just now.. I studied environmental engineering, but only because there was no environmental sciences in my home city in Bolivia. In the end the greatest discovery after uni: my passion lies in diversity: biological, ecological, social, ethnical and cultural. In my opinion, the conservation of one should never exclude the thrive and development of the other. I looove what you wrote about diversity following your SEEDS event on 2012 and can totally relate to your feelings when outsiders give it a “try” to understand the culture you have been exploring. Nice to meet you!..
      xx M.

      • verochai says:

        I also have a great passion for diversity and you are exactly right, “conservation of one should not harm the other”. This is why working to keep diversity alive is such an invigorating synergistic effort.

        Here is another beautiful lady who wears earrings: http://youtu.be/cwVWzNkfnWE

        I have been a part of this organization called SACNAS (Society for the Advancement of Chicanos, Latinos and Native Americans in Science) for many years now. I came across these biographical videos today and am so inspired. As you can see they have only been viewed a handful of times and I believe they are voices worth hearing.

        Great meeting you too!

      • I’ll go have a look right now! (sorry for the long delay.. life is full of things that need taking care of!)

        SACNAS sounds sooo cool! I’m sure we’ll be having so much more to share!
        xx M.

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